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Dr. Oscar Barros (Ph.D.U.Wisconsin) is a leader of the IT industry in Chile. He has educated several generations of IT professionals ­including many IT managers of important firms in this country­ through his association with the Industrial Engineering School of the University of Chile and his teaching at CIISA, an education center in IT. His work in education and research has resulted in the implementation of a Master Degree in Information Systems and IT Management, postgraduate degrees in Business Process Redesign, Object-Oriented Development and Systems Analysis; and methodologies for Information System Development and Process Redesign.

He has written ten books with more than 70,000 copies sold, in subjects ranging from Operations Research and Information Systems to Process Reengineering.

He has also published widely in international scientific and technical journals, such as Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Information Systems, Management Datamatics, and Journal of Systems and Software; and also in proceeding of prestigious conferences, such as International Conference on Information Systems, International Conference on CASE (IEEE), Operational Research (North Holland) and Information Processing (North Holland).

Dr. Barros has also been active in consulting, having directed many large-scale projects on Operations Research modeling, Information Systems Development and Business Process Reengineering in areas such as physical process control, distribution management, production management, private and public sector services management and bank operations. He has also been a consultant to the World Bank and OEA.

He is also an important businessman in the IT industry in Chile. Besides his partnership in CIISA, the leading private training firm on IT in Chile, he participates in a software distributor; three leading journals ­Computerworld Chile, PC World Chile and Informática, acting as President of the first two­, and a Junior College giving education on Programming and IT Management.

Dr. Barros is a frequent speaker at academic and professional events in Chile and throughout the world. He has also organized the prestigious Systems Engineering Workshop, part of the largest IT trade show in Chile, and the largest management event in Chile: the Economics and Management Workshop.

He is currently working on a project that promotes the collaborative development of business process patterns and supporting software, which are being made public through this web site. Details of this project are in other documents.